frog and poem

I love color and texture, contrast and detail, and things that sparkle!  I love fantasy and mystery, pumpkins and autumn, and swans.  I love detail and drama, allegory and owls and I love cappacino.  I love to draw.  I love to sew.  And I love dogs. 

This is what my work is about.  The things I love, the things that facinate me, and the things that let me wander in a world of my own making.  I portray the gossamer world that occupies our dreams and revelries.  A glowing pumpkin or a checkered horse represent something different to each viewer.  By asking the viewer into my imagination, I allow them to explore their own.  I keep a sketchbook handy and allow my mind and pencil to wander, opening up my work to deeper truths and feelings.  I want the viewer to recognize their own inner world in my paintings.  To be able to awaken their own dreams. 


I am a toad, a toad I am

I don't pretend I'm not

I don't  have wings or glitter things

Or dance around alot

I sit quite still, that is until

The moment is just right

Then the quiet's broke

By an monstrous croak

That is my great delight

Now I hope you see

I am just me

And my place may seem quite minor

But when I'm me, I'm the best you'll see 'cause no one does me finer

So 'tho I'm seen as only green

And play a tiny role

If I am not, then the world has got

One really gaping hole

Still never fear

For I'll stay here

And pursue my one great feat

I'll banish quiet

With one toady riot

And make the world complete